What is Botox?
Botox is a natural purified protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which has been applied since the early 70s in various medical fields, including neurology, ophthalmology and pediatrics, and it is used more than 20 years in aesthetic medicine. In the last ten years it has become one of the most popular and most effective aesthetic treatments to remove wrinkles and treating of excessive sweating. Botox treatment is simple and painless non-surgical treatment that takes only a few minutes and the results last up to 6-12 months!

What is Nefertiti lift i.e. how do we treat wrinkles on the neck?
Nefertiti lift represents the treatment of wrinkles on the neck with Botox or application of Botox in the platysma. Platysma is a thin, flat muscle gate that with its contraction pulls the skin over the lower jaw and the corners of his mouth down creating vertical creases in the neck; so called platysma band. Contraction in the upper chest and cleavage leads to the formation of diagonal wrinkles in the cleavage.


What is the goal of treatment?
The goal of the treatment is to reduce the vertical folds of the skin and toned and taut skin of the neck. Treatment of platysma can lead to an improvement of the side lines of the face and to reduced marionette lines due to reduced power platysma and the disappearance of diagonal wrinkles on the cleavage.


What does BlackBerry Botox do?
After extensive examination of the neck muscles Botox is carefully applied in the muscles and blocks the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular connectors leading to inability of muscles to contract and consequently to cease pulling skin of the neck and decolletage. Botox affects only the areas in which it is injected. The results of Botox can be seen in 3-4 days after application.

Is the botox treatment painful?
During the application we use cryoanalgesia and Botox is injected with very thin needles so that the treatment is completely painless. After the treatment our clients return to their everyday life. Due to the extreme brevity of the treatment period, Botox treatments fall into the so-called “lunch-time” treatments that can be done during your lunch break.

How long does the Botox effect lasts?
The effect of Botox after the treatment lasts for approximately 4 to 6 months.

Are there side effects?
Botox is metabolized locally at the injection site and does not spread to other parts of the body. Side effects are extremely rare. In a case they do occur, they are usually tiny, tiny, barely noticeable red dots that will disappear within an hour or two, and headache, sensation of tightness and bruising at the injection site which all tends to disappear in a few days. It must be noted that these side effects are extremely rare (research shows even less than 0.1 %) and that Botox is used even for treatment of headaches and migraines. There are no long-term side effects.

Recommendations after the treatment

We advise our clients to:

  • also not go to sleep in next 4 hours and that night they should sleep in lying position (”soldier position”)
  • avoid any pressure on the face and any other aesthetic, cosmetic and laser facial treatments for a week
  • also avoid facial massage, tanning and tanning salons and wearing motorbike helmets and diving



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