our values

The most important values by which the Institution for health care Medikol measure and evaluate its success are its user satisfaction with the service provided.


To ensure the highest quality medical care and to provide care, time and understanding to services, with professional, highly trained, caring and attentive staff.


Within the wider community to become a leader of quality of work organization.


  • Quality of service provided to fully meet the needs and expectations of users.
  • Respect agreed, to meet the interests of employers and users.
  • Doing business positive and stable, satisfy the interests of owners and employees.
  • Expand existing business to new markets.


  • To achieve full satisfaction of our customers while maintaining a positive public opinion about the established health care Medikol. Develop awareness of employees to the survival, development and profitability of the Foundation for the health care Medikol depends on the individual contributions of all employees
  • To raise the level of knowledge through continuous training of all employees of Business in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and pravilimanorme ISO 9001: 2008 and good business practice,
  • Constantly improve the quality management system,
  • Planning, managing, measuring and analyzing the efficiency of all key activities to raise the quality of our services,
  • By careful selection of quality reputable suppliers and establishing mutual partnership relations with suppliers and the community in which we operate, PRealizacija set annual plans and objectives.

Respecting specified permanent finding different opportunities for improvements we want to achieve satisfaction in the realization of all major and subtle demands of our customers. Determination to succeed at it focused all our employees to customers as an integral part of our policies, mission and vision of the Foundation for Health Care Medikol.


Certifikat sustava upravljanja


Ustanove za zdravstvenu skrb

Occupational medicine was first launched in 2007 as one of the activities clinic Medikol in Voćarska 106, Zagreb. Following changes in the legislation on which the occupational medicine could act solely on the level of primary health care in 2010 founded the Foundation for health care Medikol, at Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb.
In September 2011, the industry is expanding by establishing a branch of the Foundation for Health Care Medikol - Branch Cakovec, Prešernova bb, Čakovec. As of 2008 Medikol Clinic for all activities had established quality management system ISO 9001 and Environmental system ISO 14001, so the occupational medicine was certified by DNV to ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 since 2008. by 2010. In March 2014, Institution for medical care Medikol changing the seat with the Workers' road 80, and moved to the address Dragutina Mandla 7, Zagreb, where he still works.
In the headquarters of the Foundation for Health Care Medikol with occupational medicine works and activities of family medicine (this activity is not subject to certification).
Occupational medicine is equipped with modern equipment that is used for the provision of all medical services in the field of occupational medicine. I do not care about the quality of the service provided and the organization of their own activities with the continuing professional development of employees are a prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers.
Expertise, ethics and customer care are the basis of action and development activities in occupational medicine.